How many times do we have to click OK

When loading the Navigraph charts in the sim, it always presents the “what’s new” screen that I have to click OK to close. I dont keep the chart open as it gets in my way so when its not in use, I prefer to open it each time I need it but again the new feature notification is front and center and its getting annoying. Please kill it after 1 or 2 launches or give us a “Don’t display this again for this version” checkbox or something.

We shall investigate . Meanwhile you can use Ctrl-N to toggle the in-game panel on/off.


Hello! Please see this thread and specifically this post:

It is supposed to remember that it has shown you this message, and it is trying. But the simulator sometimes forgets about this and there is seemingly nothing we can do about it.

If we ever find a way to improve this we will be quick to do it. For now, we are likely going to turn off this message in the panel altogether. The latest update should not have it shown at all anymore!

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