Active Sky FS Updates?

Will the new Active Sky FS be included in the Hub and if so when?


Jim Driskell


Hi Jim,

We have just received all details to add it. We are currently looking at how we can implement it … please standby. As soon as we have added it, we shall inform you here …

Thank you very much,


Hi guys,
just a short update. As I wrote before, we are working very close with the AS devs. Currently, we have requested a small change for the data location. Its a wish from our side and we know that we are very late but we have figured out, that we run into a trouble when we would add it in the current state.

The AS devs are very cooperative and work on this change. Thanks to Damian from AS to make this possible. As soon as I have any news, I will inform you here. Please be patience - we all work on it.

Thank you and a nice weekend


Hi again,
we have now added “HiFi Active Sky FS” into our Navigraph Hub. Please be sure, that you have installed the latest version of Active Sky FS. The AIRAC data update works from version 8883 upwards …

In the Hub, on the left side, take “Microsoft Flight Simulator - Installed outside Simulator” → press the “Install” button in the “HiFi Active Sky FS” line. Thats it … :wink:

To check, if the update works correctly, look directly in the Active Sky app (left upper corner):

From now on, we fully support this addon too …

Have fun and let us know, when something don´t work please :wink:


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