Help with Deleting & Adding Airframes & Flight Flans


Noob and not sure if this is the right category to post for some help.

I tried using Simbrief and Navigraph a few months ago, as the Xbox connectivity was temporarily discontinued so I closed the account back then.

I logged in and subscribed again yesterday. For some reason, I am unable to delete a flight plan I created.

To try and resolve the possible bug, I deleted both the airframes I had set up.

Now however, even though there is no existing airframe, I still see one on the dashboard, and find no way to delete one flight plan.

Image 1. The flight plan I am unable to delete.

Image 2. Airframes have been deleted.

Image 3. Airframe visible though deleted.

Hi, this is normal behavior. Your latest flight plan cannot be deleted on SimBrief due to back-end limitations.

If you absolutely must delete your latest flight for some reason, currently the only way is to generate a new flight. Then your original flight will no longer be the latest one and can then be deleted.

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Thank you so much for kindly taking the time to help. Will do so.

I will have to delete a few flight plans until I can learn how the simbrief/navigraph systems works, so much appreciate the help. Completely new to this.

If I may ask, why is the Airframe then also still visible, though deleted? Just trying to figure out how to use this beautiful system for navigators, So sorry, I am new to this, so confused :slightly_smiling_face:

If you find a moment to reply at your convenience. No pressure. No rush. Only if you can spend a few minutes to help out. Not pushing at all, if busy, do not worry. Many thanks in advance.

Hi again, no worries!

The airframe is indeed deleted, but some information about your airframe is also saved in your flight plan (such as the registration). This is what you are seeing on the dashboard page.

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Thank you. Understood. Thanks a bunch for taking the time to help, good sire :heart::pray:

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