Flight plan SimBrief integration

This issue only appeared following subscription renewal as of 6/15/23.
Today, first access following renewal, SimBrief (sb) prompted for retiming of existing flight plan and I accepted.
sb presented the flight plan but changed aircraft type/registration from TBM930/N931WB to TBM900/N900…
Upon selecting “open in charts” tab, Navigraph presented Flight Plan (Left Panel) as expected but (Right Panel -Map) showed the correct routing but also included an additional route as defined nowhere.
In troubleshooting I deleted all past flight plans with no change.
Tried to delete last/existing plan but no means available. Not sure if this is correct. That is, last flight plan cannot be deleted.
So, whatever I try, I cannot remove this additional flight path extension. Nor, can I re-select the correct aircraft as stated above. Any ideas?

Hi, your custom airframe can be selected in the “Airframe or Variant” box. You might need to reselect it, but it looks like you might have fixed that since your original post.

I’m not sure I understand the route issue, but note that you can select different routes in SimBrief in the Suggested Routes section:

Your latest SimBrief flight plan cannot be deleted due to backend limitations. A workaround would be to generate a new flight first (that way the flight you want to delete is no longer the latest one).

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