Helipad ICAO for all countries please

could you please provide coverage for helipads for all countries.
we wirly bird captains would love it !

please start with Australia :slight_smile:



We are working on it.

Out of interest, which FS do you use?


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Thanks Ian, I use x-plane 11, and I use airtrack to navigate. Thanks for getting back to me.


We can’t add the helipads in X- Plane. The scenery information comes from the APT.DAT file and the navdata updates doesn’t contain airports and runways.

Sorry about that.


bumber, I thought helipads were sourced from the same place airports were sources, jeppersen ?

any chance of sourcing the helipad info from elsewhere ?

as Ian tried to explain … it´s not the source - we have the helipads in our source but we can´t provide it in X-Plane due the layer hierachy of X-Plane. In X-Plane you can only update following base data:

  • waypoints
  • airways
  • navaids (VORs, NDBs, ILSs, GLS, GBAS, …)
  • holdings
  • grid mora
  • MSA
  • terminal procedures

but no airports per se, no runways … because these information are part of the global airport-file and this file will be supported by Laminar Research.

Hope that helps,

Thanks, was wanting to consume them from the “airtrack” app, which takes a data feed from navigraph. is that possible ? I have used the haversine API to upload them as waypoints, but would be nice if they were registered as airport items in “airtrack”

thanks for all your responses, you may close this ticket if it can’t be done. Cheers Dave.

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