Helipad/Heliport identifiers for MSFS 2020

There are currently 2 helicopters available for the sim, with plans for more.
Are there any plans to include helipad/heliport identifiers in the Navigraph database?

Yes, we are working on it but it seems that the MSFS isn’t ready for that. We have identified a few issues during our tests now (ie. you can’t add helipads only - the sim expects the helipads only in combination of an airport, …). We have also an open ticket in the developer forum for our questions, identified issues.

We will see what ASOBO answer. But all in all, yes a fully heli set is ready from our side (incl terminal procedures, where available).

Hope that helps. Timeline depends on the answer of ASOBO, if these identified issues are bugs or simple not implement “features”.


Thanks for the response. That’s all I was wanting to know. Cheers!

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