Great to have charts and plates right in MSFS

Just installed the beta.
And it works great.
I use 4 screens in my MSFS sim computer.
I was just using a second laptop and/or iPad for plates and charts.
This is so much easier and seems rock solid so far.
Now if we can get simconnect to work for position display that would be really awesome.
I always used Navigraph in X-plane, but I stopped using XP when FS2020 came out. XP was great but FS2020 is so much more immersive.
I hope Navigraph keeps developing for the future, I am now back on subscription…

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Thank you for the kind comments.

Are you not able to get Moving Map working? Have you installed latest Simlink? That is all that is needed.


Hi Ian,

I got SimLink working pretty well.

It keeps getting dropped on the sim machine but stays on fine on the Mac MBP.

It seems to drop off every minute or so, it comes back when I click on the “triangle”.

I love this setup, here is a photo of my setup, I use AirManager to get instruments on the lower screen. This was an evening flight in a PA34 from ACK to BOS.

I will post on the boards about how well this works…

Here is a link to a post in Avsim:

Very impressive and thank you for kind words at Avsim link.

If moving map continues to work on the MBP (and iPad) without hesitation, then Simlink is working on the FS machine.

Are you then getting recurring requests to login on Charts on FS machine? If you access on that machine does it stay logged in?


Yes Ian,

It works much better if you just launch Navigraph Charts instead of inside FS2020.

Then your login is automated w/o need for code and the live position does not drop off.

This is really great!

Here are screen shots of how I use that setup.

Is there any update as far as having to login MSFS chart plugin every time we restart a session?


Unfortunately not because of limitations in the sim. Please see Continually asking for sign-in in MS2020 Beta - #2 by stephen



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