GPS Waypoint Showing Up as a USR Point

Good Morning all,

I noticed a weird data disparity on a test flight today using the FFX Vision Jet. I’d like to eliminate data as root cause before I go back to FFX Dev Team to see if they know anything. Thanks!

Issue: GPS Waypoint Munge is showing up as a USR01 waypoint.

I am on AIRAC Cycle 2308 Rev. 1

Screenshots and flight plan exported from Little Nav Map attached.

IFR Theodore Francis Green State (KPVD) to Teterboro (KTEB).pln (5.5 KB)

Hi Amando,
not 100% sure but MUVGE is a terminal waypoint for an approach into KOXC and therefore internal (in MSFS) in the airport file and not defined as enroute waypoint. Again, I´m not 100% sure but it´s possible that the FFX checks only the waypoints, defined as enroute waypoints and here the waypoint is missing and therefore you get a USR01 waypoint.

But what more strange is the fact that in your screenshot and in your flightplan MUVGE is a connection waypoint on an airway V475. We don´t have this airway in our database, nor do we have MUVGE as enroute waypoint (as I have written before).

Here, what I see when I click on MUVGE (V + J airways activated):

You see, no airway and also you see a different type-description of MUVGE … plus the information about the VICTOR-airway V475. Thats completely different.

Also, when I only use the stock MSFS data, no airway as you have:

That´s very strange for me and I can´t explain it … but possible that´s the “root” cause of your issue?!


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Thanks Richard. I think I need to do some more digging but it may have to wait until the workweek is over.

No problem, I have removed the auto-close feature on this topic.

Have s great, successful week

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