Got Error: Navigraph charts requires an active internet connection

Hello, after a full pc reset and installation …now from months i got alwasy this error while have Charts open:

Navigraph charts requires an active internet connection

And i need to insert again all flight plan from scratch :frowning:
How can i solve this issue?

Connection is stable with everything.

Hello Gianluca! Welcome to the forum.

You should only be able to get that warning if your connection is either unstable or blocked in some way.

Please verify that you do not have any firewalls or antivirus software interfering with our app. You can verify this quickly by turning off the antivirus, connecting your PC to your phone’s internet (to verify that the router does not block any traffic), and then finally verify your local firewall security rules.

Also - do you get this message all the time or just randomly?

Kind Regards,

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