GMMN ILS 35R misaligned

There appears to be an error in the navigational dataset. The ILS for 35R is not in the correct location and does not match the position of the real world localizer. 17R/35L is correct.

these are the official coordinates from the AIP MAROC

When you compare it with the google maps it looks offset but possible the sat-image is not 100% aligned.

Hope that helps,

The coordinates in GMMN.dat are N33232783,W007354533.

Sorry, but I have no idea from what file are you speaking? From where is the GMMN.dat file? Which sim? Which addon? We don´t have these values in our database.

As I wrote before and as I shown you before, the coordinates are from the AIP Maroc and are equal to the addons.

As an example - XP11:
4 33.390933333 -7.596055556 701 10990 18 124544.036 INR GMMN GM 35R ILS-cat-III

in PMDG:
INR INR ILS 33.390933 -7.596056109.90T


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