X-Plane LOC alignment

I have noticed a few posts about some of X-planes Localizer’s out of alignment GMMN 35R being an example, … these can normally be fixed by using WED and editing the LAT and LONG to better line up with the centreline, Just wondering would it be handy to have a section on the forum where users post their edits, so others can use them?.. They would need to be for the Gateway Airports, i guess .
The only issue i can see would be that these would need to be re applied each Airac unless the Aircraft can read the User Nav Dat file (i don’t think the Toliss can, so would need to redo them each month to the custom folders earth_nav.dat file ) …Even better would be if Navigraph can find a way to use the edits in the next Airacs etc… i have edited the LOC for GMMN to better line up with the RW35R
Just an Idea to help others , hope you dont mind


Hi Rich,
thanks for your report, but we offer real-world data and the localizer position @GMMN comes from this real-world data. Here the corresponding note directly from the AIP Maroc:

When you “translate” the coordinates no in decimal degrees, you will see that we offer exactly the same coordinates.
33.39093333, -7.59605556

When the localizer is slightly off, then it´s also in real-life slightly off but not because our source-data provider makes this, no - because the AIP offer this to the source-provider.

Sorry, for that but we follow our way “as real as it gets” and as you see, that´s the reality.
Thanks again for your posting and I hope you understand this

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