Getting logged out and can't log back in

Long time user, had originally been using the desktop app, but then started controlling on VATSIM and needed more than one chart open at the same time, I asked on here and someone suggested that I use the web at . That was working fine for a while, then recently maybe 3+ weeks now, I’d get “timed out” I assume, and I’g get challenged for authentication again, only to have it just loop and keep challenging for auth, never succeeding and I know my user/pass is fine because I use a pasword manager with browser integration. Only way I can fix it is closing all tabs that were open to and then starting from scratch. I ended up uninstalling the desktop version as I read maybe they were fighting, but it still does it. It also does it at the worst of times, having to close all those charts and setting back up is the worst user experience. I can often be sitting with tabs open with a fixed set of charts open (often idle for a while) and then if you interact with it after some amount of time, it’ll go back into this auth challenged and I’m hooped.
Anyhow, I don’t exactly know the conditions i’m hitting to cause this, but I’m gonna have to put in some auto refresh exensions or something which I’m sure won’t be good for the server side of things. Any insight into this?

Hello Dave!

We’re aware of the issues with having multiple instances/tabs of Charts Cloud open at the same time, and we are actively working on improving this exact experience as part of an upcoming upgrade to the authentication flow. The new flow is currently in testing, and it won’t be long until it is released.

Thank you for your feedback!

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