Generate FPLAN without runway


Is it possible to create a fplan in Simbrief without runways.
They are pre-populated in the section “Optional Entries”. The dropdown box offers no alternative.
And if not, can I change the generated fplan, the XML-file and exclude the runway in a proper XML manner.

The basic problem here is that it shows up in MSFS and if I change that the whole flightplan is changed by MSFS.


Hi, I tried to modify the XML file to remove the runway. It seemed that MSFS simply loaded the route with an automatically selected runway, which still resets the route if you need to change it.

It looks like there might be no alternative but to correctly set the desired runway prior to generating your SimBrief flight plan.

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So MSFS did that runway “job”?

It seems you’re right. I created (export) a MSFS fplan in Navigraph charts and it do not contain a runway, still MSFS adds one!

There is one weird solution here. After loading the fplan in MSFS with that unwanted runway, I change the runway to automatic . Then I reloaded the simbrief fplan again and it seems to work. The simbrief fplan is restored but with no runway.


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