No preselected runways please


I started a thread more than a year ago " Generate FPLAN without runway"

The solution above was that I had to fix the problem in MSFS!

I still would like to decide if I want a runway included in the generated flightplan.
The dropdown’s “Departure Rwy” and “Arrival Rway” should offer a “not selected” choice as well.

Or did I miss something?

Preferrably also get rid of the SID STAR. I can though update the Fplan removing them before generate it.


To be clear, currentlym, for every single flight I need to reconfigure the flightplan after loading it into MSFS and remove SID/STARS


Hi Mats,

I have now added the FS2020 (No SID/STAR) format, which will not include SID/STAR procedures in the XML file.

From my testing it is not possible to have MSFS not select a runway. If I omit the runway from the XML file, it will simply select the first runway in the list when importing. However, I am able to change the runway after importing (using the dropdown selectors above the world map) without it resetting the imported route, so this shouldn’t cause any problems.

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