Confused Navigraph or Simbrief?

New user today.

So I have Navigraph and Simbrief, both allow you to create a flight plan. From what I can see Navi has more details on departures and arrivals so why would I use simbrief?

Once the flight plan is created how do I actually get it into the game to view?

I have watched a few youtube videos but they skip over the details of how you do this. The official Navi video I just watched really quickly flicked through some of these options but with no real explanation.

Is there a clear guide anywhere I can read or watch?

Thanks in advance



Please see Do I need SimBrief fo Flght Planning? - #2 by Ian.

You can export flight plans from both Navigraph Charts to many flight sims and addon aircraft using Export . Similarly, you can export from SimBrief to many flight sims and addon aircraft after you Generate your OFP. You can use the Export flight plans option each time, or better take a little extra time to set up SimBrief Downloader to automatically export these.

You import flight plans into your aircraft depending on which aircraft and flight sim. Please advise which and we can assist.


Hi Ian - thanks for the reply.

I understand how to view Navigraph in game (MSFS) but how do you view the simbrief OFP in game (VR)?

I had a look at Simbrief Downloader and for me just the straight forward export is an easier solution.

Regarding Navigraph is there a way to display more information for VFR flights, time for each leg, distance and bearing at the start of each leg (rather than in the middle).


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