Feature Requests - General EFB Stuff


Ive been using the Navigraph Charts software for many years now. In the meantime I have become a real pilot and since using my operators EFB software during IRL ops, here are a few features that I think would greatly improve the Charts software for most flight simmers and bring it closer to reality.

I apologise if some of these have already been discussed.

  1. Weather Radar/Precipitation overlay over the world map.

  2. North Atlantic and Pacific Tracks overlay.

  3. A PIREP system. A System where users can submit reports “mod turb, icing etc…” which will then be displayed on the world map for others. Spit balling here, but maybe this could even be automated using simlink? aka if simlink detects a large amount of turbulence (plane position/acceleration data changing irrationaly/drastically) it reports it automatically?

  4. NOTAM overlay. ie if W291E Danger Area is activated, draw it on the world map.

  5. VATSIM traffic overlay.

  6. Terrain advisor overlay based on the aircraft altitude given by simlink. ie if I am currently at FL130 then any and all terrain at FL130 or above should be drawn in red, and between FL120 and FL130 in amber.

  7. SIGWX and LLSIGWX. Add a section to the software where one can see all current significant weather charts.

  8. Display METAR & TAF of an airport when I click on it, as well as NOTAMs.

  9. Add a comment section to airports where users can share comments with eachother for this given airport. Example EDDF: “If low tfc, a visual swingover is often given by tower”, or for Paro for example “Make sure to initiate turn at XXXX and be at alt XXX by XXX”. I think you get the idea.

  10. Day/Night cycle overlay on the world map.


Thank you for your suggestions and feedback.

All of this is in our backlog and will make it into the app sooner or later. Bullet 8 is already there though, you can find METAR/TAF in the Information > Weather tab for an airport. NOTAM is available since yesterday in Information > NOTAM.

Kind regards,


Hello Stephen,

Thank you for your reply.

My apologies for not having seen the metar & taf. I see it now, awesome ^^.
+1 for the NOTAMs as well.

1 last thought/suggestion I had: Would it perhaps be possible to display the VATSIM ATIS in the information section of each airport (provided the station is online of course)? That would really be the cherry on top I believe.