Map new features wanted

Not sure if I have the right email address , so please forward to the right office.


I would like the SIMBRIEF flight planning page to be able to expand the MAP to full SIMBRIEF screen (not the computer screen) at the touch of an icon.

I would also like to see the appearance easier on the eye. Like sharper resolution, cleaner appearance
May be larger data entry windows, removal of rarely used features to declutter the pages,

Most important, the addition of airport info such as weather etc is a great improvement, but this is only available to the departure and arrival airport. It should be available to all airports together with the ability to enlarge the screen and zooming .
This feature should contain not just the weather, but the longest runway, the local time and difference with GMT, geographic coordinates, airport elevation, name of the airport, name of city , ICAO identifier. And any other data you might think of.

Remember, the first thing we simmers do when decide to fly is to decide the departure, destination alternates, sometimes ETOP airports.
To decide, we have to use, Navigraph charts, SIMBRIEF, often Google map and Wikipedia.
So having the above info right on the map would be a GREAT help and cut the amount of time needed to obtain the needed data.
PFPX used to have the above features and I used them in conjunction with SIMBRIEF, however PFPX is no longer supported.

So I know this is a lofty request, but with your expertise and quality of product you can do it.
Please acknowledge this email and please keep me posted with your comments and whether you can effect this request.
You may publish the main points of this request to your customers.
Thank you
Happy New Year!
Jacques lonchambon,