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Dear Navigraph team.

I hope they are well. I want to contact you, since some friends in the community who flew Flight Simulator 2020, we want you to enter your avionics suite with the Garmin 1000NXI when you can.


.- There are several payment planes that use the Garmin 1000NXI.

.- There are no less than 8 native airplanes of the simulator that also use this avionics very well achieved by the people of WT.

The Garmin 1000NXI, it would only need the cards inside to really live up to this avionics suite, for reference I have flown a Citation 510 in real life that has the regular Garmin 1000 with the cards of the Jeppesen suite. Imagine how good it would be to have this tool. Thank you and hopefully members of the forum vote for this initiative to include the Garmin 1000NXI in the Flight Simulator 2020 avionics suite.

Thank you and many greetings to the entire Navigraph team, really in the last year they have completely turned the cards around in every way. I would be totally impressed, if they include a TCAS… hehehehehe.


Ivan Quintana

Please replace CHARTS for cards. Thanks. It is CHARTS, no cards. Thanks again.

Hello Ivan! Welcome to the forum!

I am happy to inform you that we are currently working on a G1000 integration. Please note that this will only be available for the G1000 avionics developed by Working Title, and that there may be paid addons that have G1000 instruments that are custom and thus not supported.

However, the main reason that we are doing this is because of the vast number of default aircraft that are using this suite, just like you mentioned!

I do not have an ETA, but I can tell you that we have started development!

Kind Regards,

Wooooo this is a very good news. Thanks a lot>


The G1000 plugin is now released! Enjoy!

Skype thank you much.

It is incredible how the Navigraph Team work in all the products , special in the charts, how incredible is that in my year 63 can see this in a simulator. I can remember when the simulator start and you provide the airacs. Well now Navigraph are a very important part in the simulator chart. Can you imagine? You can make an app similar like in real live, this is incredible. I’m pretty sure that you work right now in the CJ4.

I just want to say… thank you so much. Thanks to every person that is Inside the team. Bless.


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