Navigraph Avionics Plugin question

Will the Navigraph Avionics Plugin work one day in the Sim Works Studio Kodiak 100?
This aircraft has three G3000Nxi units but no Mini MFD with touch buttons to access the charts.
Would love to see Navigraph access in this aircraft if that’s possible!
Thank you


Hello, thank you for reaching out!

The aircraft in question doe not use a G3000, but rather the simpler G1000 suite. That said, if they use the avionics that come with the simulator (developed by Working Title) and they correctly support global plugins - we will have a plugin that works for those avionics as well at some point in the future!

Currently, these instruments do not support such plugins. But with the coming AAU2, support will be added and we can start considering it!

Kind Regards,

My mistake, it’s the G1000. Would be great to see this unit supported, thank you!


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