Release Notes - Navigraph G1000 Avionics Plugin


We have included most if not all of the previously removed chart features in the first beta version. As the framework improves and we get more time to work on features, we plan on introducing even more!

Current features
  • Charts page
    • Light mode (Day/Night/Auto)
    • Chart category (Info, DP, STAR and APR)
    • Chart section (All, Header, Plan, Profile and Minimums)
    • Additional WX page (available in real avionics)
  • SYNC button to automatically select the correct airport, category and chart
  • IFR/VFR map
    • IFR LOW, IFR HIGH, VFR and World map presets available
    • Follow mode (awaiting feedback)
    • Day/night mode
    • Touch panning (optional)
  • SimBrief import page (disguised as the “Flight Plan Catalog” page in the FPL menu)
  • Global Navigraph settings (Found in the page selector under Aux)
    • SimBrief
      • Load Procedures during import
      • Load Airways during import
    • Simlink
      • Broadcast position
  • Automatic selection of chart linked to a loaded procedure when navigating chart categories
  • Automatic selection of relevant charts when the chart page is opened throughout the flight
  • Aircraft (ownship) position on top of supported charts (optional)
  • Panning and zooming of displayed charts
  • No Charts Available message for airports without charts
  • Custom ownship icon for all maps, including the default navigational map
Planned features
  • Scale “widget” when showing georeferenced charts
  • Aircraft Not Shown icon when the aircraft location is outside of valid bounds
  • Chart full-screen mode
  • Procedure previews in the chart page, when clicking “show map”
  • Procedure previews when highlighting flights from the SimBrief import list

Limitations & Known issues

  • Ownship icon becomes too large after pressing the Fit WDTH button


The plugin can be installed using Navigraph Hub. Look for Avionics Plugin G1000 in the list of available packages for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020.

Latest version

v1.4.2 (17 January 2024)

  • Added measures that should improve the persistence of signed-in state

Version History

v1.4.1 (7 January 2024)

  • Fixed issue that caused the IFR/VFR charts to be unavailable

v1.4.0 (3 January 2024)

  • Added support for the SR22 GCU keypad as an input method for airport selection

v1.3.0 (14 December 2023)

  • Added FAA sectionals (can be turned on/off in the map menu)
  • Added a short animation between map position updates
  • Increased update interval of map position
  • Fixed missing capital letter in “Go back” button
  • Fixed map position being set to northern Europe when first opening it
Older entries

v1.2.1 (31 October 2023)

  • Added compatibility with Sim Update 14 Beta

v1.2.0 (9 October 2023)

  • Fixed issue that would get the unit stuck on the Navigraph auth screen with seemingly no way out
  • Fixed issue that would cause custom waypoints imported from SimBrief to sometimes be incorrect
  • Improved compatibility for new MFD layout variations
  • Improved customizability and reduced manual labor for addon developers using the plugin

v1.1.0 (22 September 2023)

  • Fixed charts incorrectly aligning with the top edge when displaying subsections
  • Disabled Chart fullscreen toggle that was mistakenly enabled
  • Changed background of IFR/VFR Charts page to prevent white flashes in night mode

v1.0.1 (22 September 2023)

  • Added Refresh button to flight plan import page
  • Added automatic refresh of flight plan list whenever the page is opened

v1.0.0 (21 September 2023)

  • Initial release! :tada: