Prosim737 problems once again

Fell into the trap of updating FMS Data Manager again, silly me. Now of course I have messed up the update process for Prosim737, it stays locked at the prior back ,level. Forgotten how I solved this several years ago please advise

Can you post some screen shots, seems like you may need to hunt for where Prosim keeps the files in.

Hi Jsokoloff,

Thank you for responding to my issue. As stated, I fell into this trap several years ago, and my 86-year old memory of how I solved it, is letting me down.

It is something to do with the different levels of Prosim737, and their change in database format from nd.db3 to nd.mdb.

Up to now all my Airac cycles have upgraded smoothly for all my flight sim products. When I tried cycle 2208 all products upgraded properly, except Prosim737, which stays stuck at 2207. This is a showstopper for me, since it is only my Prosim737 based cockpit that justifies my several year long Navigraph subscription! It would be a great shame to have to give it up.

My level of Prosim737 is very back level, for the reason that they demand a subscription for further upgrades, and my cockpit is stabilised at a lower level of sophistication. It works and doesn’t need more function, it would be a waste of money. Not true for Navigraph, hopefully!

I usually can solve these problems by myself, I have a 64-year history of messing with computers, and am still active programming and sorting out my cockpit problems.

Any further advice is much appreciated.

Cheers NobbyH

I have escalated this to see if anyone can help you.

Hi jsokoloff,

After a little digging, I have now resolved the problem. It is not just the fact that Prosim737 changed dB formats, nd.mdb to nd.db3, it also changed the location of the NAVDATA folder. Unfortunately this location is not controlled by a configuration setting of Prosim, it just seems to be hard coded and undocumented anywhere?; you have to ask a kind person on a forum to tell you. My old version of Prosim ( labelled Prosima320/737) uses address: … user\Appdata\Roaming\ Navdata\ and the later version Prosim b24?, uses \Programdata\Prosim-AR\Navdata,

I am still not sure why my cycle updates suddenly misbehaved, it is normally just a series of box ticks and Update All.

Cheers and thanks, NobbyH

Glad you got it worked out.

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