FS Flight Control database problem

Hello everyone,

I’d like to raise a question here that my FS Flight Control is currently running with the database version 2301. I don’t see FS Flight Control in the NAVIGRAPH HUB app list. I think it’s the reason FS Flight Control not get updated AIRAC Cycle, can anyone help me to have NAVIGRAPH HUB connect to FS Flight Control, please.

you must download and install the FMS Data Manager to update the FS Flight Control addon. The Navigraph Hub is exclusivley used for MSFS updates and his addons. The FS Flight Control addon is a tool for all existing simulators and not “only” for MSFS and therefore please use the FMS Data Manager to update it.

from the FMS Data Manager after the “scan” (FS Flight Control automatically detected):

… and here after the AIRAC update in FS Flight Control:


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