FP outside Russia

I am commissioning to create a FP LOWW- RJTT in Simbrief and it will always create a flight for me through Russia. I want to fly under Russia, how to do it please?



When creating flight plans, SimBrief and Navigraph Charts use the current AIRAC data . When this updates, I expect the flight plans will reflect changes in airspace.


Have current Airac data, I tried to enter 3 times and still through Russia

AIRAC data´s will be updated only every 28 days and any changes in areas (restrictions or similar else) will not be effective immediately in the data/charts. Such restriction will be reflected with AIRAC 2203/2204, depending of the reporting dates. As you see here in the list, the RAD Publication Date for 2203 was 18. February 2022 - so, all reports before/till this date will be included in 2203, all reports/restrictions after this date will be included in 2204.


Thank you ,that I now

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