No Flight Planning Zones

With the introduction of free route airspace in the western half of the London FIR with AIRAC 2303, we’ll begin to see the deployment of no planning zones within the UK free route airspace. Chart belows shows the planned deployment.

Is there any possibility of Simbrief adhering to the above no planning zones, detailed in UK AIP ENR 2.2 Table 6? ENR 2.2 OTHER REGULATED AIRSPACE

Without this, it will inevitably lead to Simbrief generated routes being very much different from those used in the real world.

They will be used in conjunction with the EUROCONTROL - RAD. Once we get within 28 days of implementation we will know the restrictions regarding their use/non-use.



SimBrief might somewhat respect these as it parses the UK & Ireland Standard Route Document (SRD). But it’ll probably be far from perfect, at least in the initial few months.

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