Statement from Navigraph on operations in Russia

Dear Navigraph users,

Navigraph has been following the developments following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine very closely. We are shocked and appalled by the aggression, and the human tragedy it is causing.

We are also deeply concerned for the safety and well-being of Navigraph Team members in Ukraine, and are in continuous contact with them.

Under these circumstances, Navigraph is suspending services in Russia until further notice. No new accounts nor new subscriptions will be accepted, and existing subscriptions will not be renewed. This is expected to take effect on March 7, 2022.

For other customers, we are still assessing how the product offering might be affected. Our IFR chart coverage always reflects that of Jeppesen. In our Charts app, routings over Russia and Ukraine will still be suggested as long as the airway network is intact, and not all countries and airlines are affected by the airspace ban in Russia. In SimBrief the suggested routes will depend on other users planning routes around Russia and Ukraine. So gradually routes that avoid Russian airspace will be suggested but it might take some time.

The Navigraph Team