Route not same out of simbrief - Using same airac cycle


So i bought Navi gragh and run all the latest airac data. I also downloaded the airac beta for fs2020 and made sure all data sets were upto date. The A/C continues to follow a differential path. I uploaded the the simbrief flight plan into fs2020 and simtoolkit from the same source. My simbrief password is current aswell.

What am i missing here?



Which aircraft? Any mods?

Please upload flightplans and screenshots showing the different flying path using
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Hi again,
to Ian’s question, please explain your steps, what you exactly do in the sim? How do you load the flightplan, do make any chances after the flightplan load? When yes, which one? Please explain it …

Thank you

HI Both
I was using the default b78x with no mods yesterday but to fair it also happens with the a32x neo with no mods also.

I create a FP in simbrief and export it to 2020 via the sim brief downloader. I then open up the flight plan via the load menu in the fs2020 mission screen

Once i upload the flight plan i then zoom to details and select the stand.

thanks for your help

Hi Daz,
in that moment, when you change anything (ie. the gate), the flightplan will be re-calculated by the sim. This is a know limitation in the sim and thats independet if you use our data, or the stock data.

There are a lot of postings about this in the flightsim forum.

one of the examples:

Sorry, thats an sim limitation

Just tried it as suggested and my flight is now tracking the simbrief track.
Appreciate the prompt intervention

You can change the stand in the planner after using the import IF you use the drop down at the top. What causes the routing changes is selecting a SID, STAR, or Approach. I “think” you should be able to select those once loaded into the sim though without ill effect as aircraft like the A32NX still use the default planner even though they offer simbrief import inside the aircraft. The import cuts out the SID/STAR info and you have to enter it after but I’ve never seen it reroute anything at that point.

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