Font and zoom level on high and low charts too small

Its annoying that I try to “zoom” to the next level to constantly see the darn txt. you are automatically resizing the font back down to what is effectively .8 on my 4k monitor. I have to squint to see the damn charts! If you have a zoom, make it work like Skyvector where the ENTIRE thing is zoomed so I can read the darned thing!

This is annoying enough I am considering switching to ForeFlight and getting a hook into MSFS and saying “to heck with in game useless to see charts!”

Seriously, you have a + - otption that changes the size of the text up top but NOT THE CHARTS?

consider this.


We have recently addressed this in Navigraph Charts In-Game Panel v0.9.

Please update using latest Navigraph Navdata Center.

Does this improve it for you?


Nope, this was not addressed it seems. After the update the same exact behavior for the dynamic resizing of the font happens just as it did before making the enroute maps almost useless to me. Note - this doesn’t happen with any of the plates - just the enroute high and low charts. When on the highest zoom level it still dynamically reduces the font to a very small size if you’re on a 1440p or 4k screen. In particular its very hard to make out the MCA and MEA.


We shall continue to wook on getting a fix. There are limitations imposed by MSFS.
In the meantime you can alt-tab to Charts Desktop or Charts Cloud which provides improved charts zoom?


no, the zoom does the same thing there as well on the external applications. Again, this seems to be a fundamental issue with scaling and resolution/dpi and your program. On larger screens or 4k, the font is rendered very small since the DPI is much higher than the standard 1080p screens. The charts seem to work as when it is zoomed it appears as a scan, not a dynamically generated stitched together world map. Perhaps you can look into preventing the lowest level of zoom from resizing at all - even if this makes the text a bit blurry it would fix the issue somewhat.

Is the text size in Charts app larger than In Game Panel charts?


No, all the apps perform the same. The issue is the screen it’s being displayed on. For example - on the iPad it has the same behavior as on the desktop and in the game. Further on my ipad air 2 with it’s lower dpi and resolution screen it’s fine from normal viewing distance. On my iPad Pro 12.9 which effectively has a double dpi and rez - when zoomed in all the way it’s still readable, but only because I can drag the ipad close. If I keep it at the same distance as the ipad air 2 the font is noticeably smaller… It’s still scaling to be about what I would call a 7 point font equivalent on the ipad pro screen (when referencing the MCA/MEA’s). On my 4k monitor the app has the same behavior as the in game panel.

ALL of the apps display the same rescaling feature and apparent “streaming” feature from the web as the data seems not to be a localized file but something from the web that’s pulling in the high/low charts and then dynamically resizing the type fonts. Again, ON a 4k screen - the last “zoom” scales everything to the same font size as a “zoom” further out via the dynamic scaling of the fonts and text… and AGAIN… it’s keeping the same danged size on all zoom levels which is way to small. On my 4k monitor at normal distance I would say the MEA/MCA font is about a 4 point font… Thus why I previously said it’s a fundamental design issue. There needs to be a “zoom” level - probably the lowest/closest (however you put it) - that needs to NOT dynamically resize the fonts and size of the text. This would totally fix the issue.

On my 4K monitors, I get larger max text size on Charts Cloud than Charts IGP. We shall continue to investigate.

We have a new Charts version in development and this will hopefully address this issue also.


Hello Russell! Sorry to hear about the experience you’ve had so far.

In the web application, the browser is responsible for providing details about the screen so that we, in turn, can adjust the scale of the items on the map. When it comes to MSFS, there is no such possibility from the get-go.

I am not sure why the last update (0.9) did not work out for you if you really are running at 4k, but this is what we have done in order to try to make it work for everyone in the update released today (1.0):

  • Decreased the minimum resolution that counts as “high res”
  • Improved the technique for registering the resolution to make it more accurate
  • Added the possibility to force large-scale map content through an option in the settings

We hope that these changes will make it work for you, please let us know if it does not!

Kind Regards,

The update I tried as of today - for the in navigraph in game panel v1.0 - fixed the issue. Thank you very much! Good quick response! That makes a HUGE difference as I can actually read the charts now.

Any chance I could convince ya to whack the magic hammer again and add vfr charts?

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Glad the font issue is resolved. Thank you for kind comments.

VFR charts are bring developed as part of a new Charts offering. It is a major release and will take time. We think our customers will be happy with it.


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