Release notes - Navigraph Navdata Center

Navigraph Navdata Center 1.0.10 (2022-06-30):

  • Adds automatic bug and crash reporting for faster support
  • NNC detects running simulator and prevent packages from being installed while it is running.
  • Updated tab titles to be more informative

Known issues:


  • MSFS version and above

How to upgrade your current NNC to this version:

  • Open Navigraph Navdata Center
  • The application will automatically find the update and
    update itself

How to install this official release from scratch:

  • close the simulator
  • open the Navigraph Navdata Center client
  • press “Remove” to uninstall the current AIRAC cycle
  • close the client
  • goto “Add or Remove programs” in the windows settings and remove the Navigraph Navdata client
  • download the latest client version from here
  • install the downloaded client
  • start the client and check the correct version on the middle-bottom of the window
  • press “Install” to install the latest AIRAC cycle/revision


  • The MSFS simulator is still in a fluid state and things might break after every sim update, but we try to fix issues as soon as we can.


Navigraph Navdata Center v1.0.5 (2022-01-05):

  • constantly timestamp change of the content-file fixed (fixed the FS2Crew RAAS for MSFS issue)
  • some minor improvements on the content-file change detection

Navigraph Navdata Center v1.0.4 (2021-12-22):

  • add “Launch option” to start the Navigraph Navdata Center during the computer startup

Navigraph Navdata Center v1.0.3 (2021-12-03):

  • package splitting into base and navdata for optimal package prioritizing in the MSFS - more details about the how and why in our blog here

Navigraph Navdata Center v1.0.2 (2021-12-01):

  • Adds support for new Navdata format
  • Automatically synchronizes Content.xml
  • Adds support for Aerosoft CRJ 900/1000
  • Various stability fixes

Navigraph Navdata Center v1.0 (2021-07-02):

  • First official release

Navigraph Navdata Center beta 26 (2021-06-02):

  • removed the debug-window during the startup of the Navigraph Navdata Center

Navigraph Navdata Center beta 25 (2021-06-01):

  • fixed the MSFS Steam Marketplace version detection

Navigraph Navdata Center beta 24 (2021-05-27):

  • almost complete rewrite of backend flows and front-end logic
  • removes all bugs with latency on buttons
  • speed optimizations
  • supports systems where both steam and store versions of the sim is installed
  • update functionality
  • detects package changes immediately
  • adds navigraph charts in-game panel for MSFS2020
  • adds navdata update for Aerosoft CRJ Professional
  • improved error handling

Navigraph Navdata client beta 23 (2021-01-28):

  • de-activating stock data completely

Navigraph Navdata client beta 19 (2020-12-12):

  • some changes for the package structure
  • update sign-in for fixing “browser not opening” issue

Navigraph Navdata client beta 18 (2020-12-11):

  • Allows for custom locations of %appdata% and %localappdata% which should remove “cannot find simulator” error for such installs

Navigraph Navdata client beta 17 (2020-12-07):

  • improved automation for new client beta updates