FMS Manager and Little Nav Map airac update problem

Having a lot of problems trying to get the latest Airac into Little Navmap on a Mac… the FMS data manager can find the application but it fails to access the correct folder and drops it in the wrong location…

Are there any Mac users here that have managed to work out a way to get this done?

Even trying manually does not seem to work as FMS data manager still can’t access the right folder.


In latest FMS Data Manager for macOS, in Addon Mappings tab,
Press +Add, for Please select an addon … choose Little Navmap, for Install into… choose User Defined Folder. To select the correct folder:

From Alex Projects - Little Navmap - Install Navigraph Updates
"When you add the mapping manually in the FMS Data Manager it should read /Users/YOURUSERNAME/.config/ABarthel.

But macOS does not allow to select this directory since it is hidden. Therefore you have to apply a trick:

If the folder selection box is open press Command+Shift+. (period) keys to show the hidden files (i.e. all files and folders that start with a period). Then you can get into .config and select the folder ABarthel."

Once you have the folder selected, press Save.

You should now be able to update Little Navmap under Addon List tab.

BTW, you can post screenshots directly using Guide to posting Screenshots


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