FMS Data Update ALL aircraft?

beginner Q. If you do a data update and it says it is going to my XP folder (on a Mac) should not all the relevant FMC’s be updated in XP? It appears NONE of my ZIBO are updating.

Also just checking further on the update page and it tells me under the watch icon that my latest update is 2011. Under Little NavMap it tells me it is up to date.

Very confusing to say the least

AIRAC 13 is not loading to XP11.5b age all. Stalled at AIRAC 11and will not break through no matter how often I try. At the sam time the AIRAC 13 has successfully loaded into Little Nav Map on the same machine.

Any ideas where to look for this.

Hi Geoff,

Yes make sure the X-Plane 11 path is correct in Settings of latest FMS Data Manager for MacOS.

Then in Addon Mappings pres Scan and Save . You should see the X-Plane 11 (11.50+) which has default X-Plane aircraft including Zibo, as well as other X-Plane 11 addons.

If still an issue please post screenshots showing X-Plane 11 path in Settings and paths in Addon Mappings using Posting Guide - Uploading Screenshots.


That seems to have done the trick. Thanks so much Ian


Hi Geoff,

You are welcome. Shall show topic as solved.

Compliments of the Season.


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