FMS Data Manager Updating?

I am also trying to figure if this systems are in sync. I used PRO-ATC-x app for flight planning and when finished updating the FMS Data shows the latest version however after running their “Read Scenery” and attempt to run the “Start Import” option I get this message which does not show the latest version ready to import. I am consulting with other forum in this regards but I want it to check with Navigraph as well just to ensure if this an issue that I will have to seek for support from that other application.

Fernando Rentas


Hi Fernando,
has you updated the FDM to the latest version? When yes, please remove the Pro ATC/X entry, save it and make a re-scan that Pro ATC will be detected automatically again. Possible, that the path was wrong … and therefore this test.

Please let us know, if that solve it or not …

Thank you,

Thanks Richard, Success!

. Now its correct!. Your advise did the trick! :ok_hand: :wink:

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Great Fernando - thank you very much for the feedback and the screenshots!
Much appreciated … :+1:

Have a nice day,

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