FMS data manager not updating asp4

Hi, noticed others had similar issue recently but having tried the workarounds in those posts have had no joy. The fms manager automatically detects as2016 (p3dv3) and asxp but not the p3dv4/5 version when I scan. Not entirely sure if I’m doing it wrong but also tried adding it manually but wherever I choose as the folder doesn’t seem to make a difference with activesky showing 1601 as the current Airac each time I reopen it after trying different locations.

Any tips or suggestions?

Resolved: finally found the correct folder for manual installation although annoying it’s not automatic.

Can you share the right folder with us please, that we can double check it. The problem with ASP4 is, that we can´t test this version because the version itself is outdated and therefore we have no clue, about the search pattern (registry key, un-install guid, …). Sorry!


Hey Richard, no worries. so in program files (x86)/hifi/as P3dv4/navigraph data there is a folder called AS16 which i installed it into and it worked.

just choosing the AS p3dv4 folder to install manually initially added a new folder in that location alongside AS16 simply called AS and when scanning via the fms manager it also added the ASXP to that location.

hope this helps