Wrong path for ASP4


The provided path for ASP4 (the active sky version that only supports P3DV4) is wrong. It installed into AS instead of AS16, as booting ASP4 will still show August cycle instead of September.


Attempting to use a custom path is unsuccessful as the end folder is also hard-coded to be AS.
A fix is needed and/ or a proper detection between the Activesky versions.

Active Sky for Prepar3D v4 v.7410
FMS Data Manager v.

I will cross check it, thanks for the report!


Hi again,
I have checked the specifications what we have gotten from the ActiveSky devs and they wrote copy & paste from their mail:

You see, rhe path is <install path>\NavigraphData\AS

But I have asked the devs again to clarify what is correct now …


Yeah, for the newer Activesky which works for both v4 and v5.
But the older one which is only for v4 uses the AS16 folder.

I’m assuming both ASP3D (v4+v5) and ASP6 will use AS
While ASP4 (only v4) will use AS16

I had the same issue yesturday, so by give the path manually.

We are in contact with AS to figure out the difference between old and new version … in the meantime, please add it manually and set the path manually.

I will keep you informed about the status here
Thanks again guys,

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