FMS data for f9 pmdg 747-400

For many years I am using Navigraph FMS data for my FS9 flightsimulator equiped with PMDG 747-400.
I build a complete cockpit for a 747 15 years back however this configuration is running solely on 5 PC’s network with window XP. (which unfortunate I can’t update to current windows version due to cost and technical issues with cockpit hardware interfacing.

I didn’t use my sim for some tlme and my last FMS data update using Navigraph FMS data manager v1.1.2.0609 installed on the sim pc (winxp) was last year in june.

Now I am not able to use download FMS update anymore,Revision is not updated .
I am connected to Navigraph site idicating my account and current AIRAC 2101.
I tried the new downloader but this doesn’t work on winxp.
So I tried manual download however with PMDG747 but this exe file also doesn’t work on the sim pc.

Is this the end of this story for me due to the window version or is there an other solution .f.e. manual install of the PMDG 747 FMS data

What is the reason btw I can’t download data anymore with the “old” manager as before?

I do hope for a positive solution


Hi Marcel,
the problem isn´t the software per se … the problem here are the certificates which you must use for software-development to be secure and valid for Antivirus, Firewalls, Router, … This certificates are not WinXP compatible any longer and therefore, you can´t use the software on WinXP. Again, this is not due any software change in the Manager or in the manual setups - it´s simple the certificate which doesn´t support XP any longer. Sorry … and you don´t have any other PC, Laptop, … with an newer OS than XP? Because than you could install the data there and move it to your WinXP environment. Not the fastest solution but a solution …

Have a nice weekend and sorry for the bad news,

Hi Richard,

Thx for your prompt reaction and explanation.

If I understand correctly:
I manual download the FMS data-base exe file on a pc/labtop with win7+ then execute file and locate the flightsim pc with fs9/pmdg
and download the data files into proper directory?
Or do I use the download manager and just locate via the network the fs9 directory on the flightsim pc and start the auto update/download



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No Marcel, exactly that could be a possible way for you … you don´t need the FMS Data Manager in your case. I would download the manual installer, run the executable file and set the path to your FS9-root folder (ATTENTION!! only to your FS9-root folder - no other subfolder). That´s it, that should work.

The important part is really the WinXP OS, nothing else

OK Richard that’s clear now.
I wonder though if there’s possibility for Navigraph customers to provide manual installers for both window generation (W7 +) and the old WinXP series
Or perhaps a zip file with the data files for a full manual installation.
I will certainly try the option to link a pc/labtop with Win7 or higher with my flightsim network and update using the manual downloader for the relevant addon products I am using.

Again thx for your assistance.


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