FMS Data Manager launching automatically during PC startup/restart and staying in the system tray. Is there a need for this?

I’m wondering if there’s a necessity for this. The icon for the FMS data manager always remains visible in the taskbar/system tray, and it launches itself automatically during each cold PC startup or restart. I understand that the simlink app and its need to always run is necessary (if an user wants the moving map functionality that is), and I don’t mind it that much, but after I update navdata using the FMS data manager, is it really necessary for the FMS data manager app and its system tray icon to run at each startup of the PC and remain visible/running like this?

Would there be a harm to my navigraph navdata if I decide to manually disable fms data manager from running at startup?

Hi Ribona,
the agent is a small application, which receive possible notifications when a new version is ready for you or, when a new AIRAC cycle is available. You can disable it of course - this has no impact of the core-functionality of the FMS Data Manager. It´s only the “receiver” for our automatic push notifications :wink:

Have a nice weekend,

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