Flypad changes my ID number to another incorrect number

I was using the development version and everything was working properly until I decided to try the stable version.
Now when I enter my name, it is automatically changed to an ID which is not my real one.
I went back to the development version and the problem persists. I have no problem looking at navigation charts on the flypad.
I reinstalled the FWB, deleted my Simbrief account but when I entered via Navigraph, my data is still valid.
This is my last month of my Navigraph subscription and I was thinking about not renewing it so I could create a new one with another email. Maybe that will solve that.
I would appreciate any comments on this and especially from those who have had the same problem.
Best Regards.


Make sure you have one only Navigraph and Simlink account and it has your subscription. Note the Simbrief Username/Pilot ID. Remove others.

In Flypad, Cogwheel/ATSU/AOC can you enter this Pilot ID?


Hi Ian
Thank you for your prompt response.
The only solution I found was to delete my Simbrief account and delete the cookies. That allowed me to create a new account which generated a new ID number and that was enough to activate my account in the Flypad.
Everything is already working perfectly.
I am left with the uncertainty of not having known what really happened since I did not have double registration in either Simbrief or Navigraph.
Thank you and best regards.

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You are welcome.

Glad it is resolved.

Happy flying.


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