How to combine two flight plans ( SimBrief & Navigraph )

I create a flight plan in SimBrief, load it into Navigraph and use it to remake it. In the cockpit, I load the flight plan onto the flypad and continue programming the MCDU. Everything is done without error. However, when I check if the flight plan is properly configured on ND I see that no flight plan correction is shown. The flight plan before correction with Navigraph is shown . And no matter what I see in Navigraph, the flight plan and flight happens as previously done in SimBrief !
So, I’m missing something, I don’t know what !? I’ve reviewed a few YT examples and don’t understand how to activate a flight plan that has been refined using Navigraph .
I hope I was clear in presenting a problem I don’t know how to solve? I’m asking for help . Explanation or advice on what to look for on YT, which video where it is explained. Thank you !
( Just to mention that I subscribe to Navigraph … everything is up to date! )



I presume you are talking FBW FlyPad/MCDU ?

The flightplan input via the MCDU or Flypad is the last OFP created in SimBrief.

You can similarly use that OFP as input to Navigraph Charts. However editing this plan in Charts does not update the SimBrief OFP.

If the edits were significant you could copy from the Type route facility and paste into a SimBrief plan then create OFP again for entry into MCDU or Flypad.

We shall consider such integration for a future release.


Thank you for your reply . It is important to know that this will be resolved in the future and that it is simply impossible for now.I think that combination would be great!
And yes, of course, it’s the FBW FlyPad / MCDU.