Exporting flightplans into gtn 750

Hi, how can I import my flightplans I make with Navigraph into the XP Realistic GTN 750 for X-plane11. I’m an older person and I don’t find a way to do this. I also don’t find the proper place to post my question, so I try it here. Why don’t provide Navigraph this possibility to save the flightplan as an .gfp file?
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E. Vandenberghe, Holland

Hi E. Vandenberghe,


The current export formats for Navigraph Charts are:

We shall add other formats as demand requires. Yours is the only request for .gfp format at this stage.

Also the XP Reality GTN 750 is not supported for Navigraph Navdata updates as it uses proprietary Garmin data format.


Hi Ian,

thanks for replying. It’s hard to believe that nobody else had made that request (I don’t say you’re a liar, please don’t get me wrong :relaxed:). And what you say that Garmin uses their own

data format, well what about the others??? I count 6 different file formats , so what’s the problem? Where is the difference?

I found a possible solution, maybe. I can import the Navigraph FLP into Pilot2atc (that’s no problem) and there I can save the FLP as a .gfp file (and import it into the Garmin). So it can be done. Or is it some kind of a financial or legal issue? Maybe you can’t/won’t answer this :relaxed:.
Thanks again for the fast reply.

Best Regards and stay safe.


Hi Eddy,

Please do a search in this forum on .gfp to find out how often it is mentioned.

Garmin uses their own proprietary data format for navdata and isn’t possible for us to update. We have tried to reach out to Garmin in the past but so far nothing has materialized.

The Garmin flight plan format is evidently an XML format. We haven’t developed a Charts export for it mainly due to lack of demand, and potential incompatibility with flight plans created with latest navdata running in FMC’s not updated to latest navdata. Please see Flt Pln Exporting to Reality GNS - #4 by skysail

Glad to hear you have a workaround.


I think you misunderstood. We are referring to the navdata format. We are not able to update the RealityXP GTN750 as it used a proprietary Garmin navigation database, which is the same database as can be loaded into real world units and hence requires a full Garmin subscription.

As we cannot support this unit with current navdata, defaulting most flightsimmers to some outdated cycle, it also makes little sense to support flight plan loading as there would inevitably be data sync problems as our Charts apps use current data.

Very low demand (yes you are the first) including the complexities above makes this development hard to justify.

I hope that makes it a little clearer.



Hi Stephen,

as I am the first, should I apply for the Guinness Book of Records ? :relaxed:

Thanks for the explanation.

Have a good one,


Hello Ian,

thanks again for replying. The link you provided did make more understanding for me. I also got a response from Stephen. I must say very good support from Navigraph, which, sadly, isn’t always the case.

Have a good day.



Hi Eddy,

You are welcome. Glad to assist.


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