Flight Planning Errors

I am in the process of planning a cross Canada flight East to West. I would like to plan overflying specific airports along the route, but Navigraph does not allow that as it seems that airports can only be departure and destination but not in-between - why is that?

In real life I can plan a flight that overflies an airport why not in Navigraph?
See attached print screen, the red errors are airports.

If I am missing something in my planning please advise.


Hello Dane! Welcome to the forum.

While we do appreciate the feedback, this is probably the first time we’ve received a request like this. The Charts application in its current state is aimed towards providing a tool for nominal IFR flights from one airport to another, making a feature like the one you’re describing quite unusual.

We can, however, see how this feature would benefit VFR flight planning and have thus put it on our VFR project roadmap!

In the meantime, for your particular application, you could look for navaids placed close to (or on) the airports when planning your flight?


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Thank you so much Malte for your reply.

I have been looking forward to the day Navigraph makes available your new VFR charts. In the mean time Little NavMap and/or Skyvector seems to be the option for planning VFR.


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