Charts Map VFR Features

Navigraph Charts is very good for IFR airline flying. It lacks some features to make it a very good VFR map tool.

  1. There is not enough zoom level. If I need to find a specific location I have to use second map tool like OpenStreetMap to zoom close enough.
  2. Airports and navaids are not showing in world map. There is a need for a good VFR aviation map with airports, ATC zones and navaids.
  3. Background is just green and blue. There is a need for topographic map layer

My proposal of solutions:

  1. Instead of 5km/3mi of provide 100-200m minimum zoom.
  2. Provide data layers to World Map from Enroute maps without en route segment lines
  3. Provide OpenTopoMap to show height data.
  4. Provide Map customisation options
    4.1 Option to hide/show route segments.
    4.2 Option to change background map layer Clean / Heightmap

Hi Pauli,

Thank you for the well presented suggestions. These will be considered for the new major version of Charts which is currently under development.