Flight Plan Pages - Included - See my Post

All - Gave up on MSFS, so only XP-11 and 12 now. Nevertheless, I use Simbrief to create FPs.

FSOD-If I create a FP on SkyVector, it includes the Airport Diagram of arrival, the approach plate of my RW, and it may include a copy of the STAR. It’s Free.

Simbrief-AKA Navigraph, I pay for a service, yes, I get AIRACs, and the ability to have Charts 8 (Which I do not know how to use very well yet), and the ability to create a FP in Simbrief, and use that FP to fly route. But your FPs, do not included the Approach Plate, STAR or SID, or any Airport Diagrams for departure or arrival. I fly a 747-8F or a 737, or if I can get it working better a C-17-GM-III, all those without passengers, so I do not normally depart from a gate, or go to a gate when arriving. Having the AP Diagram is handy since I want ramp parking, or to end up at a cargo unloading parking area. Normally, I do not fly with ATC support, but lately I have since trying to make sure it’s working better. YES, ATC will change my RW in the FP, but I can request my original arrival if I want to futz with working with them.

Please add these things to our flight plans for the PDF download version. I print out the necessary pages of the PDF, so I have a reference to input route in the FMS, and I also print the SID/STAR and Approach Plate, as I like a written reminder at my elbow. I can follow along on the STAR/SID as needed to make sure my altitude points are spot on. ATC messes that up, but that is their job.

Now, all this is most likely in Charts 8, but I am trying to learn it, and it’s taking a while. So, either we are going to use C8 as our planning tool, or we will have SB as well, so just please included that data.