Export and ATC

I made an Flightplan in Simbrief and imported that into Navigraph Ingame Panel. Then i used the Export to set it as Flightplan regarding ATC. First it worked but enroute the ATC gave me waypoints that where not part of the exported flightplan. I guess that is not supposed to happen?
Or could it be the case that the ATC in MSFS was at fault. Because mid flight the ATC voice dropped and only text was in the ATC window

Hi! Thanks for the feedback!

This could absolutely be a case of the ATC just being rubbish. If you would like us to investigate this, please provide the route so that we can try to reproduce! Or even better - try to reproduce it yourself first to make sure that it was not a one-off :sweat_smile:

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Yes I will investigate and try to replicate.
Also I noticed that with atc on clearance frequency and ingame panel open, then exporting the FP, the option to request IFR appears. But when I close the panel without requesting IFR, the option disappears. I don’t think that is supposed to happen. But maybe that is due to the fact, that the azure server’s today seem to have some problems. 2 times offline Mode, loss of ATC and other voices. Sometimes atc complete unresponsive

Yeah that also sounds unrelated, I don’t know of anything in the panel that would cause that!

Yesterday it worked. But the STAR i got was not the one i used in the ingame panel nor the one choosen in the FMC

It is very hard to tell what the issue could be, but from our point of view, we are exporting the necessary things for arrivals. It is probably MSFS ATC related. Feel free to collect some cases (routes) which we can try ourselves - at the moment we do not have enough information to do so!

I guess it was server related. But i noticed that the ingame atc not always uses the runway or approach I choose in the panel.

This is still valid - more detailed reports would be much appreciated!

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