FL 100,000 error

Why is it that sometimes when I D/L a FP for the FBW320 into Littlenavmap the FL is shown as 100,000ft and you cannot change it without an awful lot of clicks/deletes
On the FP elevation profile it shows something in excess of 2,000,000,000 ft


On your latest flight plan, you were flying in Chinese airspace where flight levels are defined in Meters. In this case, an initial flight level of 1130 means 11,300 meters.

It’s possible FBW is not parsing this correctly, if so I recommend contacting their support and advising them of the bug as they may not be aware of it yet.

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Thanks for replying perhaps my post didn’t make it clear. The problem I get is not on the FBW it loads the FP perfectly the problem is in LNM

Sorry, misunderstood. In that case you should probably report this to LittleNavMap. Seems like they aren’t handling the metric altitudes properly when importing.

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