A220 cruising altitude

Hello! there seems to be a problem with the a220 cruising altitude that Simbrief gives you. It’s either FL280 or FL290, regardless how short or long flight I’ve planned and how heavy or light I am. It’s there a way I can solve this problem?


Hi mate, I have noticed this too, I guess this is a bug or something, I’m using the way putting the altitude manually, but it’s not the same

I hope they can fix this bug, sometimes is bad to change everytime the altitude manually


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Hello, mate how are you? That is exactly how I feel it when putting the altitude manually, it’s really not the same and I hope that this bug will be fixed at some point

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I’m good mate, and you?

Maybe I have a temporary solution, I’m testing yet, but I will show for you, wait a moment

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I’m good :slight_smile: please share with me what you are testing out when you are done. I would very much appreciate

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Have you find out what you were testing?

No help from the moderators on this forum on why this is happening?

It’s happening because the A220 used to be capped at FL290 due to engine issues. That restriction no longer applies, but the profile simply hasn’t been updated since then. Maybe I can take a look today but I already have a few other things to work on so no guarantees.

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Thank you for your reply, I really do appreciate it. Sorry if I wrote that to harshly. Take your time, if you have some extra spare time that would be fantastic. Again, thank you :slight_smile:

If you don’t bother about it, I would also very much appreciate it when you have updated it, please share it with me either on this thread or on pm, so I can tell on the Infinite Flight community that it has been fixed

Hi, I have updated the A220 profiles now.

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Love it, thank you so much

Much obliged Mister!

It is also possible to update the a220-300 passengers from 140 to 160

Ok I’ve made the change.

For what it’s worth, no operators have (or likely ever will have) close to that many seats in an A220.

Yeah, I know that, but I do not know why Infinite Flight’s a220 have the capacity of 160 pax. If you did not feel this was realistic you did not have to do it. But as far as I know Infinite Flight is the only flight simulator with a good a220.

Could be that on Airbus own website it says “As the larger member of the A220 Family, the A220-300 is perfectly tailored for the 120-160 seat market.”

That means that airlines can choose if they will have a capacity of 160 seats, but again, most of the simbrief users that will select a220-300 will be a Infinite Flight user and when the capacity of 160 seats, most of us would be appreciate it.

I could ask the Infinite Flight community what there prefer if that is a option

No no, I actually prefer it this way actually. I do generally set the passenger capacity of the default SimBrief aircraft to the maximum certified value, so 160 is fine in this case. I was just mentioning it since I had looked into what the various airlines have configured, and the highest I saw was Air Baltic (I believe) with 145 seats.

Infinite Flight probably did the same and just used the max certified value. If any other A220 add-on uses a different seat count in the future, users can always create a custom airframe with a different seat count in the My Fleet section.

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Thank you so much for your kindness. I think that it’s nice to have the option to have the pax capacity of 160, but again most of us probably uses the auto function when selection how many passengers we will have onboard :smiley:

I feel like I’m bothering you, but can I make another general thread about a bug on a different plane?