Fl 038 / lrop lhbp

Hello, I generated FP LROP-LHBP and 50mins flight time take me up FL038. I think this is way to high for short distance.
Also, I generated FP LTFJ-LHBP and the FL038 was, My airplane was straggling to clime up but cannot take it the clime and end up FL037 something. And many times the AP disconnected, I had speed problem. What can be the problem.


There can be many reasons for this. The most important one is to make sure you are climbing using the correct method. In other words, do not climb in V/S mode. You should instead climb in speed mode (CLB or OP CLB), using the following profile: 250 kts below 10000 ft, 300 kts above 10000 ft, then Mach 0.78 above FL290.

Also make sure the aircraft weight is set up the same as in your flight plan.

If you need any additional guidance on how to accomplish the above, please refer to the documentation for the aircraft you are flying. For example, for the FlyByWire A32NX, you can read climb guidance here. And here for info about editing the aircraft weight/payload.

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