FF A320 U Every time the AIRAC cycle is uploaded, the old flight plans saved in STATES get distorted

Hi, I need help with this please.
I’m using X-plane 11 / FF A320 Ultimate / Windows 10.

I used to save my flight’s on the EFB on the A320 via EFB/States. I use them with no problem several times, changing from one flight to another or restarting the actual one. Once the new AIRAC date arrives and is uploaded, the thing gets weird. When I attempt to fly a previous saved flight, the waypoints on the F-PLN page appear with different names on the MCDU (some waypoints disappear or the sequence is wrong). Also some data is missing on the FMS (E.g. perf approach data).

I already wrote to the FF guys and they answered me: is a Navigraph issue.

To create again the flights every time a new AIRAC is released is to much work…

Thanks for your help.
Regards Luis

Hi Luis,
funny that the FF developer said its a our issue. We have nothing todo with their flightplan formats. Therefore I can say anthing about it but I have an assumption:

The FF data format is a none readable format. This foemat works internally with IDs, means every waypoint has a unique ID. The assumption now is, that FF store this ID in their flightplan. So far so good but the problem is, the the list of waypoints de-/increasing from cycle to cycle, because we use real world data. That means that the IDs will be changed because ie the ID of waypoint A was 8 in the previous cycle, and now the ID is 10 because two waypoints were added in this cycle.

Now when in the flightplan the ID 8 is stored, than it reference it to another waypoint, because A has a new ID, 10 and thats the reason why flightplan works only as long the AIRAC cycle will not be changed.

Again, thats my personal assumption because I have no idea, about the FF flightplan format. But ask the FF if their store IDs or the real waypoint ident names in their flightplan. I guess this answer is the key …