Fenix A320 RF Leg Is Wrong

Today i made a flight to VNTK with the Fenix A320 .I chose IGIRS2R START
Then I found out. The RF Leg of KT658 to RATAN is normal when I don’t choose the transition procedure.
Like This

When I select the transition procedure, the RF Leg path of KT658 to RATAN is wrong
Like This

I had the same problem at other airports


have you flown this or do you report it only due the wrong drawing on the ND?

In most cases, this is “only” a drawing issue on the ND (happens sometimes in the real A320 too). The reason for my assumption is, that the RF leg is existing and working (as you see it on your first screenshot). When you add a transtion, then you add only waypoints but you don´t replace any of the common part.

So the RF legs is still the same as in the first screenshot, exactly and 100%. Therefore I assume more a drawing issue than a navdata or FMC issue. I´m pretty sure, when you fly it the Fenix will follow the RF leg as expected.

When not, please report this to Fenix …

Hi Richard,
Thanks for you reply
I have already fly it, but the flight track is still according to the ND. It looks like the RF Leg become a TF Leg. I have submitted this issue to Fenix.

Hi again,
I will try it by my own … but I have looked into the database now but I don´t see any issue here. The RF leg is correct coded with or without the transition. So I´m unsure, what we should do in this case because the logic, how the addons merge the transition to the route are not in our hand. We offer only the data and here the RF leg is clear inserted.

But let me me try the IGIRS2R STAR into VNTK … before I blame someone without verifying it :slight_smile:

Thanks again

PS: the Fenix team is very professional and I´m pretty sure, that they will fix this - it a fix is need