Fenix 320 navdata

Have updated the navdata but the fenix option doesn’t show update available. Is this correct?

Hi Richard,
sorry I don´t understand this … when you have updated the navdata, why should you see that an update is available?

When you see this one, you still installed the update:

Sorry, when I misunderstood you here …


Hi Richard
I thought last time I updated the standard navdata, then had to update the fenix separately.
Does this happen automatically now when doing the standard update?

Sorry Richard, I´m still not understanding … :roll_eyes:

When you open the Navigraph Navdata Center, and switch to the “Installed outside simulator” tab, what do you see here? The same as in my screenshot? Which color has the button?

When you see the “Remove” button you can be sure, that you have the data installed. On the next cycle, this button will replace by “Update” and you can update the data.


Hi again!
Maybe my mistake, but last update (few days ago) didn’t seem to offer ‘update’ on the fenix after I had done the standard update.
But it currently says remove so I guess it is up to date!

For some reason i cannot post a ss here? Keeps hanging at uploading 100%

Edit: after rebooting and updating windows now it suddenly works! Thanks



What is the error and when does it occur? Best to post a screenshot of the error using Guide to posting Screenshots.


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