I need some guidance about paths to enable AIRAC updates

Am very new - been away a long time but now back on full subscription.
I am having trouble in that the Data Manager is not finding my Aerosoft Airbus when I download the latest AIRAC,
It is very likely the path is wrong.
FSX is installed on a separate drive - FLIGHT SIM (D:)/FSX/ …
The path set in Data Manager reads - FLIGHT SIM (D:)/Microsoft Games/Microsoft Flight Simulator X/Aerosoft/Airbus_Fallback/Navigraph …
Can someone assist please with what the path should read to enable Airac updates.

I have been ‘ferreting’ around and can now add a little more detail.
The Data Manager seems to have assumed that a ‘normal’ FSX file structure exists within my ‘D Drive’ when all that exists is a FSX folder containing everything FSX . When I set it all up a few years back it seemed simpler that way !
As such in D Drive the Data Manager has created Program Files [x86],\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Aerosoft\Airbus Extended (and Airbus_Fallback)
Plus under each of the 2 Airbuses a ‘Navigraph’ folder containing what looks like all the AIRAC Nav Data.
Am unsure of what I should do now. I could re-install everything but I would rather not if I can help it.

Hi Mike,

Please confirm you mean FSX and not MSFS.

Make sure you have the latest FMS Data Manager installed.

In FMS Data Manager Settings, make sure Flight Simulator X path is correct (where your FSX.exe is located). Press Save.
In Addon Mappings, select and remove all entries. Press Save, Press Scan, Press Save.

Hopefully your Aerosoft Airbus has been detected and the correct paths assigned. If not please post a screenshot of Settings and Addon Mappings pages using Guide to posting Screenshots.

In Addon List select the Aerosoft Airbus and Update.


Thanks Ian,
Will work through all that and get back to you,

You’re a legend ! Worked perfectly and thank you.
Just one question.
May I assume that the files/folders created by FMS Data Manager due to me having the wrong path to my fsx.exe can now (carefully) be deleted ?
Once again, thanks Ian,

You are welcome,

If they are not in the FSX chain, then yes I think you can safely delete them.


All done. Thanks Ian,

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