[Suggestion] Revive Lido charts

Hey there,

i wanted to ask / suggest if it is possible to add Lido charts to Navigraph again? I did a quick search and couldn’t find any similar topics.

I’ve been a long time user of Navigraph but ultimately cancelled my subscription due to the lack of Lido charts. I’m still using the navdata bundle though. I switched over to Lido as I like the chart layout more and usually fly for european airlines (just a little bit of added immersion for me). Despite that I don’t really like the aerosoft app (it’s just not as advanced) and really miss the navigraph software.

I understand that additional charts will cost additional money. Maybe Lido charts could be introduced again as a paid “upgrade” to the subscription or a seperate subscription overall.

Have there been any reasons why Lido charts have been removed that I couldn’t find or has it been considered to offer Lido charts again?

Thanks in advance

Hi Phil,
sorry, there are no plans for it at the moment. We are more than happy with our data provider Jeppesen. Also, the price would increase a lot and its unclear how many people would pay it than …

Sorry to hear, that you have cancel your chart subscription but the look and feel is more an subjectiv view of each individual, what is good and absolutely normal. But we have made a long term decision and thats Jeppesen


Hi Richard,
thanks for your reply. It’s a pity that Lido won’t be a part of Navigraph anymore. Jeppesen do provide nice charts that’s true, I’m just using Lido more, but I do support your products a lot.

With aerosoft the yearly price tag for Lido is about 80$, so I think some sort of an alternate subscription might work (2 different subscriptions - chart type option), but I understand that it’s a bit of a risk in the beginning to see if it gets purchased enough.

I hope somewhere in the future this might be re-evaluated.

So long and keep up the great work :slight_smile:

Thanks Phil

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